Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting back to blogging

I've almost forgotten how to use blogger! I'm back, though I have never really properly started blogging as I don't have a proper camera, but I thought I'd do what I can with my iPhone4 until I purchase a camera I like.

We have a homeschool classroom now and it's still in the making process. It just helps me in being more motivated to teach. I'm kind of loving it. Here are a few messy pics of the room. I'm still sorting out where to put things. Much of my stuff are not going to make it to the classroom unfortunately because of the size of the room, but I am still very happy of the transition from the dining room to our classroom.



  1. Yay.....great to see you getting back into blogging.....lots of my photo's are taken on my iphone too :-)

  2. I have a question about Montessori!
    I watched the video on the website from which you won your most excellent Montessori book. Do you consider yourself a Montessori homeschooling family????
    I have spent some time relearning about Montessori this evening and it seems to me like a really good homeschooling experience is very Montessori...don't you think?
    I'm glad to be reminded...THANKS!

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