Monday, July 4, 2011

Parents: Can you add? :)

Mental addition with tens and thousands is meant to be a breeze but I had a good laugh at my failure thanks to this cunning video! I couldn't do the last sum and I wasn't the only adult! My children ran up to me as I was laughing: "Mummy what's so funny?". So dc excitedly had a turn each (whilst waiting for their turn in another room), and all three getting the last bit wrong too. Then of course they had the "ooooh.. duh.. haha" moment- as I did before them.

Visit Lets Play Math and have a go- it's for adults too :)


  1. lol, my husband is reading a book that had that exact math problem in it and we both got it wrong. Amazing how the mind jumps to that conclusion.

  2. Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog.

  3. LOL! I got it right!!! But only because I have come across that sum before :-)
    Gee the guy in the clip fancies himself to be a bit of a comedian doesn't he?????

  4. Haha well done Bianca, yeah the guy is kinda "funny" lol.



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