Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rail Museum excursion

Last week we attended the Build It exhibit at The Workshops Rail Museum, with our homeschool co-op group. It was a long drive to Ipswich but well worth it.

There was much to enjoy.  It was a fun hands on all-day learning experience for both O and J. They first did a workshop in small groups on cranes. My boys love anything to do with construction so this was a great start.

  After the workshop, they had some time at the museum play area where everything has a construction theme to it. They had some creative play including role play with their friends. We stayed back and O spent some time observing and discussing the Model Train. He builds amazing things with his Lego at home and has decided he wants to be a designer.

On the way out we discovered the Apprentice Training Shops, a trades area we had missed on entrance, which my boys enjoyed the most- they didn't want to leave! Each trade had its own workstation, and with the completion of the designated activity at a workstation they got to stamp their "certificate" for that particular trade. The certificate in itself was a fun idea. There was smithing, wagon building, rope splicing and tying, painting and stencilling, welding, and fitting and wheeling. They had many favourites and we later had a great time discussing these trades. The day created opportunities for unit studies.




Painting (with water):

Wagon Building:
Here J took a ready made wagon from the testing area and pulled it apart so that he could put it together again. Nearing the end, he got helpers, then together they had a test drive- and the wheels didn't turn!

We certainly would love to go again.

xoxo Sara


  1. that's so cool! u don't get to do such cool stuff on standard school excursions!

  2. oh we missed that cool stuff out the front!

  3. What an awesome museum! My boy would love this.

  4. Great excursion! Our family were the last to leave the museum that day, the kids loved it so much... Thanks for the comment on my dinosaur post. I don't know anything about twitter, facebook etc. How did you get the {email this, blog this, twitter, facebook, google buzz} bar at the end of each post? If I had added this to my post, would it have helped when you tried to twitter my post? Don't laugh...I really don't know anything about it {lol} Smiles, April :)

  5. Thanks for all of your tips. I actually have selected the "Show Shares Button", as I thought that was it, and the silly thing still doesn't work... Oh well, I'll have to 'think' about this one. Thanks again :)



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